The Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is a para clinical subject. The department is vested with an established museum for displaying Models, Specimens and charts, Well stocked Departmental library is maintained where every current standard text books are readily available and spacious demonstration room with good teaching and learning materials with OHP, LCD projectors & audio-visual systems. The department has modern amenities with well-planned and furnished faculty room and office, equipped with computers. The department is engaged in multifarious activities of teaching and training the medical students.

Seminars, Tutorials, Quarterly Internal assessments, Post mortem review meetings are conducted regularly to train the students.

The students are taught regarding Medical law and ethics, Legal procedures followed in various courts, Death and its changes, Asphyxial deaths, Injuries, Sexual Offences and related issues, Forensic Psychiatry and other topics of medico legal importance. They are also taught Toxicology – common poisons- its signs and symptoms, investigations, treatment and postmortem findings.

Students witness to the various courts proceedings and equip themselves to examine skeletal remains and issuing of various types of medical certificates.

With an overall aim to train the medical undergraduates within the national objectives pertaining to Medico legal responsibilities.